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After recommendation, we chose Future Power Systems to provide routine maintenance work to ensure our electrical system kept performing sufficiently. Their first-rate service means we don?t have to worry about our system anymore. I would recommend them to anyone who need regular electrical maintenance.


FPS worked with me to design and create an electrical solution which met the needs of the redevelopment that I was working on. You could immediately see the dedication that they put into ensuring their service was catered directly to my requirements.


Over many years, FPS have helped us to innovate and overcome the industry challenges that arise daily. Their knowledge is always up to date, and they?re always attentive whenever we require any assistance from them.


Future Power Systems designed and installed our new security systems, as our old system was in need of an update. Our job was completed on time, and I was impressed with the way Future Power Systems conducted themselves; they worked hard to ensure our project was completed to the highest standard.


Whenever we need industry knowledge on technological advancements and innovative construction methods, FPS are always the best people to speak to. They offer experienced, approachable contractors, developers and planners to help our projects move smoothly.


Whenever we?re starting a new construction project, we work extensively with FPS to complete a full risk assessment. Their consultants are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable, meaning we can make sure our sites are safe.


If we ever have any electrical system issues, we go straight to FPS. Based on prior experience, we know that we can rely on them to fix our system and keep it running for years to come.


Future Power Systems complete regular electrical tests and inspections at our facilities to ensure that they?re safe. Their recurring inspections give us peace of mind that our properties meet British standards and keep our staff safe.


FPS co-ordinated with us to create a bespoke electrical system to meet all of our requirements. I would recommend them to any of our clients in need of their own system.


Future Power Systems worked diligently to complete my bespoke electrical system, and all works completed on time and on budget. Their friendly yet formal service was flexible to my requirements. I will be working with Future Power Systems again, and I would recommend them to anybody.